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Jill's background allows her to effectively work on a wide range of projects. For example:

  • Contract project planning and/or project management. Jill has used her ability to manage a project to completion for her employers, as well as for clients.

    Seeks to understand what's at the root of a situation

  • Coaching new leaders in time management and communications. Jill has informally and formally been a coach, advocate, navigator, and confidant for many people including emerging business professionals and non-profit staff.

    Incredible levels of patience and willingness to listen

  • Research and report writing. Jill has used her business research skills to advance the work of organizations in many different markets and sectors. As she says, even though the target area changes, her skills and the joy of the hunt for imformation always yield positive results.

    Consistently produces tremendous insights

  • Copyright training for library staff and patrons, as well as business people. Jill developed a graduate course in copyright for Syracuse University's iSchool, an eCourse for the American Library Association, and workshops for other clients. She has also consulted with organizatons who needed to understand copyright situations they were facing.

    Knowledge about copyright…its impact on content producers, owners, and the public

  • Works with staff on updating internal and external library policies with an eye towards current best practices. Jill uses her knowledge of library operations to help libraries develop policies which help the library be the community's safe and welcoming "third place."

    Attentive to detail and gracious, she brings intelligence and a positive attitude to her projects

  • Workshops for developing successful brainstorming, as well as hosting ideation sessions. Brainstorming and ideation are part of becoming more innovative. Jill recognizes that innovation is important to an organization's future.

    Conscientious and holistic in her approach

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